De Arma Strayed in Shadows album cover

Strayed in Shadows


1Pain of the Past

2City Vultures

3Illusions of Love

4Funeral in My Brain

5Horror in the Dark

6Days of Judgment

7You Were Blood

Music written by De Arma · Recorded at Nordvis Ljudstudio 2017 · Mastered by Tore Stjerna at NBS Studio · Photography by Nicklas Lundqvist · Art direction by De Arma · Cover artwork by Ariel ZB · Design by De Arma · All lyrics by Andreas Pettersson except "Funeral in My Brain" by Emily Dickinson · Guest vocals by Maria Oja on "Illusions of Love" & "Days of Judgment" · All songs arranged by De Arma
De Arma Lost Alien Forlorn album cover

Lost, Alien & Forlorn


1The Tower

2Left to Hide

3Watching The Walls Come Down

4Fires of Hope

5Behind these Filthy Panes



Recorded at Nordvis Ljudstudio, Sweden during January 2012 · Produced & engineered by De Arma · Vocals recorded and produced in London, UK, during May-September 2012 · Music by De Arma · Lyrics by F. Allain · Mastered by Markus Skroch in Kalthallen Studio, Germany · Artwork & photography by Bjørn Pretzel · Band photography by Maria Oja & Tom Huskinson
De Arma Towards the Shores of the End album cover

Towards the Shores of the End


1Crimson Waters Ebbing The Shore


3From Horizon To Oblivion

The music performed by De Arma was recorded during late 2009 and early 2010 · Written by De Arma between the years of 2006-2010 · Produced and engineered by De Arma · All lyrics were written exclusivly for this release by Desolate of Austere except "Noemata" which was written by The Watcher (Fen)